Purchasing Stata, Mathematica, S-Plus

Purchasing Other Software Packages:
Stata, Mathematica, S-Plus and the R-System

Purchasing STATA
The University of Arizona does have a purchase plan with STATA for faculty and students which gives a discounted price of STATA for these users.

Faculty and graduate students interested in purchasing STATA should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the STATA Grad Plan Method 3 website at http://www.stata.com/order/new/edu/gradplans/gp-campus.html
  2. Purchase the desired type of STATA that you want. If you are not familiar with the different kinds of STATA, you can find some information by clicking here and then scrolling down to the bottom.
  3. You will be sent an email from STATA with instructions on how to pick up your software. The software is stocked at the Arizona Cancer Research Center.

Purchasing Mathematica
Site licensing for Mathematica at The University of Arizona is controlled by the Computing and Technology Store (CATS) in the basement of the main U of A bookstore (at the Union). The site license renewal process normally takes place in December, and renewals are handled by the Data Czar. If you would like to purchase a Mathematica software license, this can be accomplished in one of two ways. (The site license costs the same for both methods: $179)

Method 1: Mathematica licenses can be purchased directly from CATS in the basement of the main UA bookstore in the Union. After purchase, they will provide you with software to install Mathematica. After installation, you will need to return the software to CATS.

Method 2: A Mathematica license can be purchased or renewed through the Accounting or Finance departments by contacting Regan Holliday (in Finance) or Clarity White (in Accounting). They will prepare the related billing paperwork, forward it to the Data Czar, and then the Data Czar will retrieve the software from CATS and assist the purchaser with its installation.

All individuals interested in purchasing a Mathematica license are encouraged to review the licensing process and details that are described on The UA Mathematica licensing website at: http://softwarelicense.arizona.edu/. All instructions and required forms can be found on that website.

Purchasing S-Plus
Like SAS and Mathematica, S-Plus licensing at The University of Arizona is controlled by the Computing and Technology Store (CATS) in the basement of the main UA bookstore (at the Union). The site license renewal process for S-Plus normally takes place in late July of each year, around the same time as the SAS site-licensing process takes place. The cost is $180 for faculty and $20 for students.

Similar to Mathematica and SAS, users can either purchase S-Plus directly from the Computer and Technology Store OR they can have relevant billing paperwork filled out in their departments and forwarded to the Data Czar for processing.

More information about the licensing process can be found at The UA BookStores S-Plus licensing website at: http://www.uofabookstores.com/uaz/CATS/License_SPlus.asp.

Downloading the R-System
A very similar program to S-Plus called "R" is available for download for free (the program is in the public domain). R and S-Plus are both based on the same base language, the "S" language. Hence, their syntax is similar. To download R, access the CRAN website at: https://cran.r-project.org/