Mihai Ion

Assistant Professor of Finance


Ph.D. in Finance, Purdue University, 2013

Areas of Expertise

  • Policy Uncertainty
  • Corporate Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Empirical Asset Pricing


FIN 391 - Preceptorship - Spring
FIN 421 Investments - Spring
FIN 525 Empirical Finance Methods - Spring

Publications and Working Papers

  • Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Investment”, with Huseyin Gulen, Review of Financial StudiesVol. 29 (3), 2016, pages 523-564Lead Article, Editor’s Choice Article.

  • Does Policy Uncertainty Affect Mergers and Acquisitions?”,  with Alice Bonaime and Huseyin Gulen. Forthcoming, Journal of Financial Economics.

  • Exports, Investment and Policy Uncertainty”, with Andrew Greenland and John Lopresti.

  • “The Use of Asset Growth in Empirical Asset Pricing Models”, with Michael Cooper and Huseyin Gulen.

  • “Asset Pricing Anomalies and Time-Varying Expected Returns.”

  • “Can Internal Capital Markets mitigate the effect of Policy Uncertainty?”, with Huseyin Gulen and Yeejin Jang.