I/B/E/S Information

Database Name
IBES (pronounced "eye-biss")


Current Versions/Years Available
Data available from 1987 - Present

Overview of the Data
The Institutional Brokers Estimates System provides current and historical consensus and detail forecasts from security analysts, for more than 18,000 companies worldwide. Forecast data items include earnings per share, revenue, cash flow, long-term growth projections, and stock recommendations.

The complete database contains 4 sets of files:

US Detail and Intl. Detail - Contain analyst-by-analyst detailed forecasts for U.S. and international companies, respectively.

US Summary and Intl. Summary - Contain mean, median, sdev, etc. for analysts' forecasts on a monthly basis, for U.S. and international companies, respectively.

Our Subscription
The Accounting Department maintains a current subscription.

How to Access This Data
IBES data are contained only on the Accounting (unix) server. This database is not available on the finance department server.

Current instructions on using the IBES datasets are linked here.

The IBES datasets are typically accessed using SAS, and sample programs for pulling IBES data from the accounting server are provided in certain directories on the accounting server. The directories where the sample programs are contained are listed at the bottom of the page listed above.

You will need a username and password to access the IBES documentation. The username and password are contained on the accounting server in the /fa1/finacct/passwords.txt file.