Global Access

Global Access Information

Database Name
Global Access


Current Versions/Years Available
Real Time / Data primarily available for 1993 - present

Overview of the Data
Global Access provides real-time and historical Price and Earnings Data, SEC EDGAR filings, scanned images of company annual reports, foreign exchange filings, and hard-copy SEC filings. Our subscription includes spreadsheet financials from Worldscope, which covers both US and international company filings.

Our Subscription
The University of Arizona subscription is active, and the most current data is available.

How to Access This Data
The Global Access Database is easily accessed by following these directions:

  1. Go to The U of A Libraries All Databases Page at: and then Click on the letter "G."
  2. Click on "Global Access."
  3. Click on the "Thomson Research" Button at the top left.

Users must access Global Access through The U of A Library website.