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Fixed Investment Securities Database


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Overview of the Data
The Fixed Investment Securities Database (FISD) is a comprehensive collection of publicly offered U.S. Corporate bond data. The database is divided in to two major parts. The first part (FISD) includes issue details on over 100,000 corporate, U.S. Agency, U.S. Treasury, and supranational debt securities.

The second part provides pricing information from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) on buy and sell transactions by life insurance companies, property and casualty insurance companies, and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). The NAIC data is contained in pipe-delimited, flat, ASCII files which are packaged in a .ZIP archive along with ASCII versions of the FISD files. NAIC data are not contained in the MS Access part of the database. Using the query front- end application, you can research market trends, deal structures, issuer capital structures and other fixed income debt research.

The main FISD database contains over 400 fields of data.

FISD data items include: Full call, put, and sinking fund schedules, call frequency codes, floating rate formulas, current rates and coupon schedules, Fitch IBCA, Moody's, S&P and Duff & Phelps credit ratings, U.S. Treasury auction information, convertible debt information, underwriters, trustees and fiscal agents, unit deals and warrant information. Issuer information includes: industry codes (SIC and NAICS), ticker and exchange listings, issuer names and parent relationships, bankruptcy and default detail. The pricing information includes an issue ID to link with the Mergent data, as well as issuer and issue CUSIP ID, date of the transaction, name of the vendor/purchaser, actual cost, accrued interest, par value (bonds), flat price, insurer type, etc.

NAIC data items include: issuer, issuer CUSIP, trade date, dealer information, price, size of trade, type of institution, and type of transaction.

Our Subscription
The Finance Department subscription is current and is delivered yearly.

How to Access This Data
The most up to date Mergent FISD data are also available through the WRDS system.