FIN 417 Wall Street Professional Development

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Sophomore or Junior Standing
In-person interview with instructor
Respectable GPA
The purpose of this course is to expose you to investment banking and financial market related careers that exist at the major Wall Street institutions. These job opportunities are available on both the East and west coast of the US, as well as globally. The focus of the classes is to familiarize you with the specific terminology used by actual practitioners, as well as give you an opportunity to network with successful U of A alumni employed in these sectors. Initially, the short-term goal of the course is to prepare you for an internship opportunity, while your long-term goal should be to obtain a permanent position. The knowledge of the various speakers (whom you shall encounter in this course) will be instrumental in making you competitive candidates, as you launch your finance careers.

The aim of the classes would be to integrate financial theory with the real world activities of financial intermediaries. This would enhance your understanding of the day-to-day functioning of Wall Street. You would be required to keep abreast of the weekly events impacting equity and fixed income markets, as well as any corporate finance related news.

This course will help you develop the tools and skills needed to succeed in the investments industry. Topics covered include investment banking (including firm valuation), research and trading, sales, private equity, and hedge funds. In addition, the course focuses on improving your interviewing skills as well as resume enhancing strategies.



Regular Grades

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FIN 517




Dr. Richard Sias
Jeff Welter