Thomson 13F Institutional Holdings

Thompson 13F Institutional Holdings

Overview of the Data
Institutional Common Stock Holdings and Transactions, as reported on Form 13F filed with the SEC.

The database contains quarterly information on the institutional investors' holdings of US securities. Any institutional investor who manages U$100 million or more is required to disclose this information by filing Form 13F to the US SEC. This database has become the standard data source for any researcher who wants to study the behavior of institutional investors (as opposed to the behavior of individual investors) in the US. Form 13F is the reporting form filed by institutional investment managers pursuant to Section 13(f) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This database is formerly known as CDA/Spectrum 3 4 database.

How to Access This Data
The most up-to-date Thompson 13F Institutional Holdings data is available through the WRDS system.