Overview of the Data

Global New Issues
The database is divided into seven sub-databases based upon security type: common stock (includes IPOs and secondary offerings), non-convertible debt, convertible debt, non-convertible preferred stock, convertible preferred stock, mortgage and asset-backed debt, taxable municipal debt.

All issues of equity, corporate debt, and taxable municipal debt that are firmly underwritten in the United States. To be included in the database, debt securities must have a maturity of at least one year. Currently best efforts offerings are not covered.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions, stake purchases, stock swaps, REIT acquisitions, asset sales and divestitures, rumored and seeking buyer transactions, leveraged buyouts (LBOs), tender offers, privatizations, spinoffs and splitoffs, and bankruptcy liquidations.

SDC Academic Joint Ventures
Database of stratgic alliances and joint ventures from company press releases, news wires, and trade journals (description from Lindsey, 2002).

How to Access This Data
To access SDC, either 1) install SDC software available from the Thomson/Reuter website, or 2) have the Data Czar install it using the department registration. Please email the Data Czar if you have questions or wish assistance.