Dealscan Information

Database Name


Current Versions/Years Available
Contains detailed deal terms dating back to 1988, selected data back to 1981

Overview of the Data
DealScan contains extensive and reliable information on the global commercial loan market. It provides users with access to Loan Pricing Corporation's (LPC's) robust database of detailed terms and conditions on over 131,000 loan, high-yield bond and private placement transactions.

More specific details about the data contained in Dealscan can be found at the link above.

Subscription Status
The Finance Department maintains a current subscription to this database.

How to Access This Data
The Dealscan database is accessed through the internet at You will need to enter a username, password, and number called the secureID. To find these three items, you must acquire what we call the "Dealscan Token," which is a credit card sized device that contains the current secureID for accessing the site. The secureID for accessing the Dealscan website changes periodically, and the current ID is displayed on the Dealscan token. The current username and password that you will need are written on a card that is kept in the same holder with the token.

To get the Dealscan token, contact the Data Czar by email at or Regan Holliday (if the Data Czar is not available). Regan's email is