Wall Street Scholars Program FAQs

Admission to the Program

What is acceptance rate into the program?

Students are accepted on an absolute basis depending on the competitiveness of the candidate pool. 

Do I have to be a finance major?

Professionals on Wall Street come from a variety of majors. The program does not discriminate across majors although it highly recommends students pursue degrees in either finance, accounting, or business economics to best gain understanding and knowledge of the financial industry. Depending on the volume and competitiveness of the applicant pool, the program cannot guarantee consideration of non-business majors. 

Is there a GPA requirement?

The program has a 3.3 cumulative GPA requirement. However, the program encourages anyone who is interested in applying.

As a freshman interested in the program, what resources can I use to best prepare myself?

Once a freshman at the University of Arizona, take time to excel in your coursework. Stay busy with extracurricular activities by rushing a social or business fraternity/sorority, working part-time, or volunteering. In August, attend Eller’s club fair, making sure to take advantage of organizations such as the Investments Club and/or Financial Management Association.  Please meet with Jeff Welter, Associate Director of Professional Development, to discuss your career goals. Lastly, strive to gain exposure within the financial industry either through friends, family, or other connections.

I am in high school but want to get a head start, how can I best prepare?

If you are a student in high school and think that you could be interested in a career on Wall Street the best thing to do is to read the Wall Street Journal! Keeping up with the markets and financial news will prepare you exponentially as this knowledge only accumulates over time. Your parents and friends’ parents may also be a great resource to learn about the financial industry. Students are also welcome to reach out to the program prior to enrolling in the university. See above for our contact information.

Expectations in the Program

Does the program cost money?

The program itself does not cost money. Occasionally, students may have to travel to network with alumni. There are university scholarships that can assist with these costs.

Do I need to join any additional clubs or organizations? 

During freshman year, the program highly recommends students join the Financial Management Association and the Investments Club. Both organizations will often host Wall Street alumni as guest speakers. Students can only benefit from active participation in both organizations.

What type of time commitment is there?

The students who have been most successful in this program have devoted countless hours to maximizing the resources the program provides in order to attain a position on Wall Street. In addition to bi-weekly meetings, the program often requires attendance at Financial Management Association Meetings and Investments Club meetings. These meetings typically occur on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Successful students; however, are participating in the program daily through reaching out and learning.

Wall Street and the Markets

Why should I join this program?

Students should join this program if they want to have access to the best students, faculty, and materials the University of Arizona and the Eller College of Management have to offer to its students seeking careers on Wall Street.

What is placement rate into firms?

The program has placed over 65% of its associates into bulge bracket banks. The program has placed 100% in prestigious internships in finance.

Can you guarantee that I will land a Wall Street job?

No. Unfortunately there is never an absolute guarantee that you will land a career on Wall Street (or any job for that matter). The Wall Street Scholars Program is developed to give students the necessary tools to prepare for a career on Wall Street. Again, the ability to land a position on Wall Street largely depends on the time put in, effort, and overall execution of the student.

I want to go to the buy side, will this help?

The purpose of this program is to place students into bulge bracket, mid-tier, or highly coveted boutique banks. While students seeking to go to the buy side directly out of undergrad may benefit from this program, the program will not focus on building any of those required skill sets.

Do you have equipment for following the markets?

Yes! Within the Financial Markets Center, Eller has 5 Bloomberg Terminals, full stock exchange monitors, and other devices that anyone could find on a real life trading floor. Each monitor also contains a full Microsoft Office suite, including the latest version of Excel.