Wall Street Scholars Program Milestones


Positions on Wall Street are highly competitive. Your ability to land a position on Wall Street will largely depend on the amount of time, effort, and personal drive you possess to make it happen. As an organization with tested and proven results, WSSP exists to maximize your potential. To improve your chances of success, we highly encourage you to go above and beyond to meet these milestones.

Freshman Year

  • Strong academic performance (earn good grades)
  • Become involved in extracurricular (student organizations, work-study, part-time job, volunteer)
  • Join Investments Club and/or Financial Management Association (Eller student clubs)

Sophomore Year

  • Meet with Jeff Welter, Associate Director of Professional Development (August)
  • Apply for WSSP Analyst Level – FIN 417 (November)
  • Take on leadership positions in extracurricular activities
  • Start WSSP Analyst Level – FIN 417 (Spring semester)
  • Apply for WSSP Associate Level (February)
  • Start WSSP Associate Level (March)

Summer between Sophomore & Junior Summer

  • Internship or part-time job in a finance or accounting-related job.
  • Expand professional network through informational interviews and job shadows
  • Complete WSSP-required reading and financial markets assignments

Junior Year

  • Intensive Preparation for Recruiting Season (August – January)
  • Upon Internship offer and acceptance, begin WSSP Scholar level (Spring semester)

Senior Year

  • Continue WSSP Scholar level
  • Secure full-time job
  • Mentor WSSP Associates and further market knowledge