Wall Street Scholars Program Structure

Program Structure

Analyst Level

A WSSP Analyst will take FIN 417 – Wall Street Professional Development, a 3-unit course taught by finance faculty, which provides students exposure to investment banking and financial market-related careers that exist on Wall Street.  FIN 417 is offered each Fall semester, and is available to sophomore Eller students who meet minimum requirements, and successfully complete a competitive interview process. The typical WSSP Analyst has an interest in finance and a strong desire to succeed, but does not yet have a deep understanding of the different roles financial institutions play in society, nor the ways its professionals advance society and capitalism.  A key outcome of FIN 417 is for students to determine if they want to pursue a career in Investment Banking or Capital Markets.

Associate Level

Students who are in their first semester of sophomore year may apply for the Associate Level.  In the Associate Level, students will begin actively pursuing an internship through a formal Wall Street recruiting process. The ideal WSSP Associate has previously enrolled in FIN 417 (though it is not required), demonstrated a genuine interest in financial markets, and built strong academic and extracurricular credentials. The WSSP Associate Level focuses on placement into major financial institutions within revenue generating divisions. The program accomplishes this through student-led lectures, mentoring rotations, evaluations, Wall Street style preparation interviews, and other opportunities to maximize his or her chances of landing a position on Wall Street.

Scholar Level

WSSP Scholars are typically juniors & seniors who have successfully completed the Associate level (though this is not a requirement), and who have obtained an internship or full-time offer within a revenue-generating division of a Wall Street bank or investment firm. WSSP Scholars learn from upper division students and alumni how to convert their internship into a full time offer, advance their markets and technical knowledge, and mentor and coach the WSSP Analyst & Associate level students.