Finance Minor Course Requirements

Course Requirements and Schedule

Prerequisite Requirement

Students must have completed and passed college algebra or higher to be eligible for admission.

Required Courses

Students will complete the following two course requirements prior to Finance coursework:

  • ECON 200. Basic Economic Issues
  • ACCT 250. Survey of Accounting OR
    ACCT 200. Intro to Financial Accounting (not available in Fall semester)

You will need to obtain a seat in these two classes through UAccess.


Students will complete the following course in Summer Pre-session:

  • FIN 311. Introduction to Finance

Students will complete three of the following four courses offered during Summer I and Summer II sessions.

Summer Session 1

  • FIN 301. Principles of Financial Management (on-campus)
  • FIN 302. Personal Investing (on-campus)

Summer Session II

  • FIN 303. Small Business Finance (online)
  • FIN 304. Real Estate Principles (online)

TOTAL: 18 units 


Additional Information on Requirements

Minor Course Substitutions

The University of Arizona has rules against counting a single course for more than one major or minor on a student’s transcript. If you are using ACCT 200/250 or ECON 200 for another major or minor program, you will need to find a substitute course for either the finance minor or for your other major/minor. If you would rather find a substitute for these courses in your other major or minor, check with the advisors for those programs. Otherwise, read on.

If you are using ACCT 200, ACCT 250 and/or ECON 200 for other majors/minors, you may replace that requirement with an additional finance minor elective (FIN 301, FIN 302, FIN 303 or FIN 304) or request approval of a non-finance course to meet the finance minor requirements. Appropriate courses in computer science, economics, engineering retail and consumer sciences, and math may be considered. The Eller Finance Advisor will help you find a suitable alternative. It is recommended that you seek an existing approved substitute course which can be completed before or after the summer program but no later than fall semester after completing your finance coursework.


For more information about the Finance minor, please email the Kay Ross, Director, Academic Affairs, Finance Department: