Premier Internships

The Finance Premier Internship Program (FPIP) is designed to provide high-quality finance internships that can be paired with academic experience for select undergraduate Finance majors. The combination of academic components with one unit of internship credit and practical financial work experience gives students the opportunity to relate this experience to their academic program.

Qualified Students

To enhance the relationship between company, the students and the department, semester internships are offered to the premier finance students of Eller College.

Students whose grade-point-averages are over 3.70, who have completed their required core finance courses with A's (FIN412 and FIN421), and are recommended by faculty prior to the semester are eligible.

Select Sponsors

Sponsors have been selected to provide exposure to on-the-job technical financial analysis. For sponsors, these highly capable finance students provide strong analytical skills and have practical hands-on skills, communicate and work as part of a team, and are leaders and motivators.

The Eller College Department of Finance is pleased to offer a way for companies to recruit highly talented students while assisting students in their development. Thank you to our sponsors for providing these valuable experiences to our students.