Plan of Study

Details of Stages in Ph.D.-Finance Degree Program

Here are a few hints on completing the Doctoral Plan of Study:

  • Review your five year course plan with Professor Kathy Kahle, Ph.D. Faculty Advisor, no later than the third semester of your program.
  • Once your coursework is approved, log in to UAccessStudent, click on GradPath and complete the “Responsible Conduct of Research” first.
  • Once it is completed, you may access the "Plan of Study" form, complete your planned coursework and submit the form for approval. The form will automatically be routed through the Finance and minor departments for approval.
  • The degree will be listed as PhD - Management.
  • The list of courses must include both the course number and the course name, as these change over time. Courses you have completed and are currently taking will be available for you to populate the form. You may need to manually enter future coursework. Only courses specifically taken for your degree should be included. Courses taken for recreation or personal use will not be listed on the Plan of Study. Note that dissertation hours are not included on the form as coursework.
  • The list of courses completed for the degree must total at least the required 48 hours of coursework, not including dissertation hours. Finance major coursework must total 36 units to meet The UA Graduate College requirements.
    The four or five Economics courses as required in the first and second year of study should be listed as "Coursework for the Minor." All other coursework will be listed as "Coursework for the Major," unless you are electing to complete enough credits for a second minor. Dissertation hours are not included on the form.
  • After entering the information requested, submit the form for routing and approval.  If changes need to be made, you can reaccess your plan at any time, enter revisions to the information and then resubmit the plan.

For more information, please contact us.