Chris Lamoureux's Businesss Math Conference Page

Over the weekend October 27 - 29, business and math professors from around the country (and Canada) met at McClelland Hall (the home of the Eller College of Business and Public Administration), to prepare a document to help guide mathematics and business departments in developing mathematics curricula for business undergraduate students - in their first two years of study.

Eller Vice Dean Lee Beach welcomed the participants and apologized for the unusual rain, (although he noted that being Arizona, it was a dry rain), and the conference was off.

Deb Hughes Hallett gave a talk at 8:30, to talk of her experience in teaching math to a wide variety of students, and to introduce the math faculty at the conference. I then gave some remarks about my experience developing and team-teaching with Richard Thompson, the new Business Math curriculum at Arizona.

The rest of the conference was dedicated to constructing a document that would provide a blueprint for designing and running math curricula for business students.

A tremendous amount of work was accomplished. Special thanks are due to Mark Zupan, Dean of the Eller College, The National Science Foundation, and Anne Nelson.

I will report all materials produced at the conference and post all correspondence on this page. We would like to hear from all interested parties by November 15, and decide on the appropriate next step at that point.

All correspondence relating to the conference.

Thanks to Max Jerrell from Northern Arizona University and Amit Mitra from Auburn University, and all other conference participants for their help in producing the final draft.

Final Draft Report from the conference. (Dated December 22, 2000).