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Funding Your Education

Assistantships, Tuition, and Fee Waivers

Currently, if receiving full funding, Finance Ph.D. students receive waivers of non-resident tuition, funding to cover resident registration (except miscellaneous University fees of about $350 per semester) and a stipend of $21,000 for acting as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) under the direction of a faculty member.  As a GTA, individual health insurance coverage is provided by the University. 

Ph.D. students receiving funding are assigned to work with a faculty member during the year.  About two-thirds assist with research and the other third assist with teaching and research.  Click here to download the assistantship application form.

Summer Funds

After the second year of coursework, most students supplement the assistantship stipend by teaching one course in a summer session. This gives students invaluable experience in teaching prior to the job search and additional salary (just over $2,500 per class for a summer semester course).

Financial Aid

The financial aid office website is available at

For more information, please contact us.

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